[Declined] Minestone elemental shaman ( ally atm )

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[Declined] Minestone elemental shaman ( ally atm )

Post by minestone » Tue Sep 07, 2010 2:32 pm

Hey name is Rasmus i an a 20 year old boy from denmark where i go to school and work part time at a gass station, have played wow sins vanilla but first started played hard core in TBC.
As a startin note just have to tell you that i have a spelling problem but i understand all and most of the time i am understandabal.

Rading XP: vanilla ZG. TBC: all but sunwell ( 6 bosses downed in sunwell) cleared befor the patch with the new speccs, in Wotlk i got naxx mal os full cleared and ulduar i still need to kill general yoggs and agalon, ToC cleared ToGS 10 4/5 togc 25 0/5.
Icc 10. 11/12
Icc 10 HC 11/12
Icc 25 12/12
Icc 25 HC 11/12
RS 10. not clered..
RS 25 Clered not on HC

i am moving server to play with some friends that is why i am applying to this guild where i have bin cheking around and looks like you got the standarts i am looking for. Ill be moving around the 13/9-2010

Speccs i got elemental

playing every time i feal like it ( most of the time ) i work every friday eavning and every other Tuesday so i will only be able to come to 90% of raids where i will come full rdy = food pots enchanted and gemmed and always capped on tacs.

Minestone is my shaman ele/ench pve specced, played time : 185 days in 80.
http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sheet ... =Minestone

Raid: I focus most on the progress in 25 man raid but ofc i never say no to a 10 man progress.


Thunderhorn: i have been in 2 guilds on this server where i have played for about a year, Evolved, a hard core rading guild where i got kicked sins i dident have time to raid for 2 mounths ( i were studing for finals ) Atm i am in serrium...

Stormreaver: bin in 2 guilds here to Brotherhood of the woulf in TBC and ancient warroirs in vanilla.

I am a serius raider there follows orders and if needed i come with my coments about a fight, if we put the serius things to the site i raid to have fun i play to have fun and fun is somthing i always have.

Hope to hear from you

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