[Declined] Skrivkramp - Shadow Priest

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[Declined] Skrivkramp - Shadow Priest

Post by Skrivkramp » Mon Aug 16, 2010 4:13 am

Hello there! My name is Fredrik Corander, and im 20 years old and live in Stockholm, Sweden

I am Playing an Blood elf Priest Whit Shadow as my main spec, But i can play Holy/Disc if needed.

Professions: Enchanting/Tailoring
Picture of your UI during raid: http://data.fuskbugg.se/skalman01/WoWSc ... 201122.jpg
Armory Profile: http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sheet ... Skrivkramp
Total Play time on this char 120 Days

List all your keybindings:
1-Mind Blast
2-Shadow Word: Pain
3-Devouring Plague
4-Mind Flay
5-Vampiric Touch
E-Mind Sear
F-Power Word: Shield
Q-Shadow word: Death
C2-Hymn of Hope
C1-Arcane torent
CF-Potion of haste
SF-Pption of wild magic
SW/CW- Mounts

Guild history
I started as Orc hunterd on Twillights hammer in the guild house of pain where i cleared Molten core, ZG, Onyxia, and some in aq20 and BWL Before Burning Crusade came out. In Tbc i Got tierd of the game after kara and grul so i quit antill Wotlk came.
In Wotlk i started Level a Priest and when i got to 80 i started raiding 10 man naxx whit my irl friends. When we got bored of 10 man we merged whit anonther Swedish guild and created Prototype. I Played whit Prototype for around 1 year as there Raidleader/GM.
But when lich king died in 25 man we lost some of our core members and the guild fel apart. So i quit the game. But now i want to start play again! And one of my old members is in you guild thats how i found out about you guys.

Raiding experience during level 80
Naxx- 10/25
Ulduar- 10/25 Glory i 10 manna.
ToGc- 4/5 25 manna och Insanity i 10 manna.
Icc 10/25
Icc 10HM 9/12
Icc 25HM 5/12

I Dont got any WWS Logs or anything atm since i dont have any playtime.

Well i think thats all for the moment if i missed somthing just tell me.

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Re: Skrivkramp - Shadow Priest

Post by Attaxor » Mon Aug 16, 2010 11:10 am

My old Guild master!:D An amazing leader and one of the best shadow priests ive ever seen. He has my vouch all the way. http://warcraftmovies.com/movieview.php?id=138935 Its his raid leading you hear on vent here

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Re: Skrivkramp - Shadow Priest

Post by Wrekk » Mon Aug 16, 2010 3:05 pm

Bit of Swenglish there ey?

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Re: Skrivkramp - Shadow Priest

Post by Nahinndra » Mon Aug 30, 2010 2:22 pm

Hello Fredrik, thank you for applying. I have couple of questions if you don't mind =)

1* What does your rotation look like?

2* What do you, as a player, bring to our guild?

3* How do you handle criticism toward your performance?

4* Do you have a stable internet connection and a reliable PC?

5* What websites do you use for theorycrafting?

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Re: Skrivkramp - Shadow Priest

Post by Môurn » Sun Sep 05, 2010 10:49 pm

i´m afraid we have decided to close recruitment for all classes for now. thank you for your interest and good luck finding another guild.
funny how there is always so much month left at the end of the money

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