[Declined] Puffy - Protection Paladin

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[Declined] Puffy - Protection Paladin

Post by Puffy » Sun Aug 15, 2010 4:56 pm

Personal Informations:

Name: Michał Grądzki
Age: 19 (almost 20)
Hobby's : I like fast car driving, Playing football and Volleyball.
Music: I like to listen to rock and hard sounds but I also don't have nothing to Hip-hop and rap music same as Techno.
Shoes number: 44
Height: 194

Character informations:

Main spec: Protection. Off spec: Retribution. Not much of a gear. Started not long to getting it. :)

My Gear:

http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sheet ... d&cn=Puffy

I'm about to get the ring for exalted with Ashen verdict to upgrade, and also after finishing one Icecrown left and weekly I'll buy myself some leggings or chest from tier 10. About my statistics. It's most stamina gems pack to match with my hit points. Defense is over 560 without much help. I didn't had much standings in ep/gp lootmaster in previous guild so I couldn't get better gear. I managed to get the shield and collect frost emblems to buy myself Back Waist, Key, libram and Helm. That's all from my gear. Anything you would like ask. :)


To guild history.
I started playing WoW about 5 years ago not long before release of The Burning Crusade. On Global server I play one year already because I had enough of private servers.
I started when friend recruited me to Burning blade realm. Huntress night elf 49 level before friend stopped playing and I quit on The maelstrom to my old friends from other game. There I left 40 lvl holy priest and came here to play alone. I was in Eastern District (PvP guild) But from reasons of too much arguing with vGL who was really (bad word) and no one could calm him down I left.
Now my paladin was in Seal of Damnation but I left the guild since they broke up because of Summer break.

Why I'm creating Application here?

I want to be in guild that no matter what time of the year doesn't make breaks. I can nolife with them all day long and go on raids even in the middle of the night. The hours of raids fit to me like hell. I'm also looking to raise my skills in PvE and learn something more in my tanking skills. I was tank about two years on Paladin and that's why I tank with her. I know my character well and I would like to finnaly find a guild that knows the tactic on a boss and don't look for some crappy things like "Too low gs" and wipes on marrowgar because of Lack of tactics.

What I can offer:

I'm fast learning person who don't need to be guided. I know all the tactics from Icecrown citadel with heroics modes on. With pugs and improvising I went through 2 wings succesfully with half of peoples that didn't knew tactics and were listening to me on icc 10. I'm positive character and I think I'm quite well tank to try in yours guild. I'm pacifist and I can listen to others. Also opened for any criticism to my person. Of course I'm not making the same mistakes and learn on them if I'm doing them.


Death knight lvl 80 - Dps in Blood.
Priest Shadow/holy lvl 55.

Raiding experience:

Icc10 Normal - 11/12
Icc 10 Heroic - 4 / 12
Icc 25 Normal - 4/12
Icc 25 Heroic - 0/12

Character informations:

I'm usually tanking mobs with that spell sequence:

Hand of reckoning -> Holy shield -> Judgement -> consecration-> Hammer of righteouss -> Shield of righteouss -> Hand of reckoning

If I'm pulling group ofc Avenger's shield is going first. I don't have problems in keeping my aggro and taunting on bosses like Deathbringer. :)

How many hours played: 19 days 11 hours 48 minutes at Level 80.

Additional informations:

I'm person who likes to laugh and be funny with all peoples. I also like to talk through Ventrillo but last time my microphone went bad and Sometimes I can be heared sometimes not. If you want to ask me something in a game. I'm almost always on some of these three chars: Puffy (Paladin) Charleen ( DK) Nytiel (Priest) :)

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Re: Puffy - Protection Paladin

Post by Môurn » Sun Aug 15, 2010 6:17 pm

thank you for your interest in joining ubiquity, but you don´t fit the criteria we´re looking for in terms of experience and gear.

good luck finding another guild to raid with.
funny how there is always so much month left at the end of the money

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