[Accepted] Attaxor, Demonology and Affliction warlock

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[Accepted] Attaxor, Demonology and Affliction warlock

Post by Attaxor » Wed Jul 21, 2010 3:39 pm

Real life information

Hello Ubiquity my name is Johannes Smoljar, i am 16 years old and my birthday is september 17th. I study game programming at NTI in Falun. I live in Ludvika, Sweden

Charecter information

I am playing a Blood elf female warlock here on Defias brotherhood.
Armory: http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sheet ... cn=Attaxor
The dream: http://www.wowhead.com/profile=21488478 im not a lootwhore but that profile is sexy! :D
My specs are Demonology and affliction. I don't know if you already got a demonology warlock but if you don't that is the spec im definately gonna play the most due to Demonic pact, otherwise i will play affliction and top those meters! :D. My glyph choises are the only ones to me, i don't see any better option in either of my specs.


Demonology, Affliction

§: Incinerate, Drain soul
1: Shadow bolt
2: Soul fire, Haunt
3: Corruption
4: Immolate, Unstable affliction
5: Curse of Agony
Q: Demonic charge
E. Metamorphosis
R: Engineering gloves
T: Pet attack
F: Inferno
G: Death coil
H: Howl of Terror
<: Drain life
V: Dark pact
SQ: Health funnel
SR: Ground mount
ST: Shadowflame
SS: Soul link
SD: Seed of corruption
SF: Flying mount
SG: Pet passive
S1: Soulshatter
S2: Curse of doom, Incinerate
S3: Rain of Fire
Sspace: Life tap
F1: Potion of Wild magic
F2: Immolation aura
F3: Unending breath
F4: Detect invisibility
F5: Create soulstone
F6: Summoning stone
F7: Soulwell
F8: Create healthstone
F9: Apply Spellstone
F10: Apply Firestone
Mouse button 3: Nitro boots
Cspace: Curse of element
CR: Banish macro
CF: Fear macro
CG: Parashute
CA: Demonic portal: Summon
CD: Demonic portal: Teleport
C>: Voidwalker
CZ: Felguard, Succubus
CC: Imp
CV: Hellfire
CB: Shadow ward

Guild history

I started as alliance on Shadowmoon(currently closed) in the guild Intruders where i cleared Molten core, blackwing lair and onyxia.
Shadowmoon started to get INSANE lag issues and hour long queues and blizzard opened FCM to Magtheridon to which i moved.
As Intruders got alot of problems with people not following us to magtheridon, we disbanded and i Joined Praemium Callidus which was my home from AQ40 all the way to Felmyst where we disbanded as alot of people were burned out. I then joined Khadgar's Rage and cleared the rest of sunwell and later migrated to Stormscale but i stayed on Magtheridon.
The leadership of Intruders wanted to try getting the guild running for Wotlk, i stayed in this guild till 22nd december 2009 where i and the officers simply had enough of all the crap we got for trying so hard to keep the guild but yet all we got was complaining kids and whine. We now faction changed to horde and spread out in different guilds, myself ending up in the best swedish guild on magtheridon Prototype (our first BQL kill with ventrilo;D more epic than paragons lk25hc movie) http://warcraftmovies.com/movieview.php?id=138935

Free migration to Sunstrider

Shortly after our LK25 kill we disbanded as people again got burned out and took a break until Cataclysm hits the shelves. I migrated back to magtheridon to join Hi Goat who had reformed since they disbanded in ulduar, its the end of the semested and i had to study abit more so i told the officers i needed a raiding break for 2 weeks, i got kicked with the comment "Thats why we dont recruit people under 18".

Migrated to Defias brotherhood

I checked on wowprogress which the best horde guild was so i applied to THC, i got declined due to my gear and age.
I had been puging for a few weeks together with Aiselyn and she helped me get into Isis which has been my home until yesterday when the guild disbanded.
I tried THC again and this time it was my age, again.

During summer i am ready to raid any day any hour if needed, but when school starts its every day 17.30 to 24:00.


Additional notes
Total wotlk raiding experience.
Naxx 10/25
OS3d 10/25
EoE 10/25
Ulduar 10 9/9+agalon
Ulduar 25 12/14
Togc10 Insanity
Togc25 4/5
Icc10hc 11/12 (Glory of the icecrown raider 10 completed)
Icc25hc 4/12

This was my first non-template application so go easy on me :P

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Re: Attaxor, Demonology and Affliction warlock

Post by Zehluj » Wed Jul 21, 2010 3:56 pm

I think it's a pretty nice application overall, so don't worry :)

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Re: Attaxor, Demonology and Affliction warlock

Post by Apocalypsee » Wed Jul 21, 2010 5:13 pm

I think it was a nice application aswell. GL :)

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Re: Attaxor, Demonology and Affliction warlock

Post by Attaxor » Wed Jul 21, 2010 5:25 pm

Thumbs up for positive comments :D

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Re: Attaxor, Demonology and Affliction warlock

Post by Lanius » Thu Jul 22, 2010 12:33 am

Hello Attaxor,

thank you for your application. We decided to give you a trial spot, so you can show us what you are made of. Whisper an Officer online for an invite.

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