[Declined] Azretuth - Destro/Affly Warlock

Please read the manual how to apply first.

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[Declined] Azretuth - Destro/Affly Warlock

Post by Azretuth » Mon Jul 19, 2010 10:02 pm

- Character Name: Azretuth

- Class: Warlock

- Spec: Destruction (0/15/56) - Affliction (56/0/15)

- Gear: http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sheet ... n=Azretuth

- DPS Screenshots: Not using any log site (like WoL) but i can give a link about DPS from ICC10 LK http://screenshot.xfire.com/s/101194923-4.jpg (you can say its low maybe but you can see i died when i took this photo)

- Guild info: I'm on different realm at the moment and i'm on side of ally (i'm not happy with that so i hate ally) I'm on Mighty Rising guild and we tried for Heroics many times but ppl making mistakes you know. I have experience about ICC 10 (11/12 and you can see i tried for LK) and ICC25 (10/12 dying on Sindragosa so ppl dont listening commands) I know the tactics of RS10/25 and tried for them. I know everything about ICC10/25 (Heroics) But couldnt get achievements... :(

- Reason to apply: Raiding with experienced ppl so i need some ppl who's listening commands. I heard many things about you and about your raiding. I need you, if you need a Warlock ofcourse ( If you need me and if i have chance, i can migrate this char quickly and can chance faction so fast ;) )

- Plus' I can bring: I'll respect my leaders. So i'll listen your commands then i'll do what you said.

- Class' importants: It's a caster class so haste and spell power are mainly important. If you can see anything wrong about my talent built or gemming (without Head socket) i gemmed today. I have got 4xT10 items but i'm using only 2 pieces. You can see I couldnt get any mark for my class. I did max 11k dps but i didnt taked photo. I'll take some on this wednesday if you want. Missing 1 or 2 items as 264lvl.

- In Real life: My name is Cagatay. 24 years old. I like to listen music as Rock'n Roll and Metal. I'm wasting my life's 2/4 on computer :) ...

I'm waiting for good news. And if you'll accept me i'll do migrate then faction change in minimum time. Thanks

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Re: Azretuth - Destro/Affly Warlock

Post by Lanius » Thu Jul 22, 2010 12:21 am

Dear Azretuth,

we are currently not searching for a destruction warlock. Apart from that your gear could need a few upgrades before we would consider it ready for ICC 25 Hardmodes. That and the fact that you have no experience with any ICC 25 hardmode so far are leading us to the conclusion that you should take some more time before you are ready for ICC 25 hc. Therefore we will have to decline your application.

Good luck in finding a guild that suits you :)

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