[Withdrawn] Bendborn - Dps (Prefer Blood) or Tank (Blood)

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[Withdrawn] Bendborn - Dps (Prefer Blood) or Tank (Blood)

Post by Bendborn » Fri Jul 16, 2010 2:53 am

Infront: Sorry for the amount of reading your about to do but i think that it's important to cover as much as possible in an application aswell as selling your self

Personal info:
Irl name: Kristian Dyrbye
Age: 19 (17/07/91)
Work: Supermaket Store. My works days are abit random here in the summer vacation but it will not come in the way of me coming to 2-3 raids a week. and after summer vacation i can pick my own work days so they 100% wont come in the way
Education: Gymnasium going to third year now.

Character info:
In-game name: Bendborn
Race: Tauren
Class: Death Knight
Level: 80
Preferred spec: Blood Dps
Been thinking of going Unholy for a while now but with the gear i got atm (prior blood usage), then it would only decrease my dps, but later on i hope to get the right gear to go Unholy
Got the weapons for frost atm, but yet again i dont think my gear is fully frost guided so to speak. but i can give it a shoot if you like
Preferred Off-spec: Blood tanking.
But im willing to try out new combos for tanking special bosses like Unholy Dk tank to help better out on LK25 with Soaking Vile Spirits. or even Frost for the speed bonus to raid (if lacking an Enhancement Shaman),

Character profile:
Armory Link: http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sheet ... n=Bendborn
Wow-heroes Link: http://wow-heroes.com/index.php?zone=eu ... e=Bendborn
Be Imba! Link: http://be.imba.hu/?zone=EU&realm=Defias ... r=Bendborn

Decided to post a few different ones, because i didn't know which website you guys use for comparing :)

Stats for Tanking Spec:
(In Frost Presence Unbuffed)
Str: 1637
Agi: 152
Stamina: 3827
Armor: 29151
Defense: 600
Health: 46892
Dodge: 27,70% (7,70% in Icc)
Parry: 23,17%
Avoidance: 8%
Resilience: 15
Expertise: 8%
Hit: 6.59% working on improving it to 8%

Decided to get rid of the gear list, seeing that it was just filling, if you would like to see my tank gear i can always log out in it.

Logs and screenshots:
Decided to give you guy the log from Isis first nd only LK25 kill http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/911k ... amageDone/
Because i found it as an importan fight seeing that we had been wiping for a few weeks on him, and that it just proves that progressnight(Wipe Nights) are really worth doing because people get to learn the fight.
And actually i was in my by that time dual wield frost spec, still got the weapons on me.

Screenshot of UI: http://img517.imageshack.us/img517/2551 ... 023504.jpg
Addons i use and why (Using Curse Client to keep them all up to date)
Bartender4: To make the whole layout easier ingame to coop with the rest of my addons
DBM: For timers in raids.
Raidcooldowns: To see when peoples abilities are ready suchs as CR
Skada Dmgmeter: Basicly for fun, and to see that i perform the best i can
Grid + Gridmana: To keep an track of raid, and see if anyone is in trouble or dead.
Atlasloot: To look for items that could improve my Dps or tanking.
Omen3: To keep track of my Threat even thou it never is a problem with -30% threat talent.
Vamp: For bite rotation at BQ ICC. used to Raidlead in Isis, but guess im not gonna use that anymore.
Bigbrother: To keep a track of all players buff in the raid, and see if anyone is missing anything, Sta, int flask etc.

List of alts:In-game
name: Hlayrz
Race: Orc
Class: Shaman
Level: 80
Preferred spec: Resto
Preferred Off-spec: Enhancement
Trying to get my Enhancement gear up to the Icc25 standard, but my Resto is up for most Icc25.. Got Kingslayer10

PVE experience:
Pre-tbc: MC, Onyxia, BWL (On my old Druid which im not using anymore)
TBC: Kara, Maggy, Gruul, Ssc, TK, BT, (on Druid and my Shaman)
LK: Naxx10/25 (Full), OS10/25 (3drake(10man),0drake(25man), Malygos10/25 Voa10/25(4/4) Ulduar10(13/14)On combined Shaman and DK. Ulduar25 (10/14) Totc10/25, Togc10(4/5), Togc25(2/5), Icc10(12/12), Icc10 HC(11/12), Icc25 (12/12), Icc25 HC (4/12)

Class role:
As a Blood Death Knight, i bring in alot of burst dmg, and a passive buff to the raids other meeles of 10% AP, what i contributes to a raid is a damage dealer which has a increased movement speed (15%), and alot of firepower when it reach it target, plus alot of survival ability, which will make it easier for healers to keep me up, seeing that i heal app 12k+ with Death Strike with both diseases up and i got a variety of cooldown abilities that can make me even harder to kill

Past Guild history:
Only real importan guild to mention is ISIS, which i was raidleading in together with my former guild-master Kejebra, was forced to go out and find a new guild after the announcement of the disband on the 20'th of july, but then again i have had my eyes up for Ubiquity for a long time, heard about your progress and how you do raids, but my heart was in Isis back then and there will always be a part left in Isis, but i would still love to raid at a high end lvl, and challenge myself with new encounters, and new ways to defeat the old ones.

Reason Why You Wonna Join Ubiquity:
As i mentioned i have heard alot about your great progress and i hope to contribute to your further progress in the game, also i hope one day to reach the so called "end" of the game where you have killed everything and can sit back for a second and say "Dam i did it", now let's do it again.
Also i would love to meet some new ingame friends, seeing that Isis was like a big family were people made funny jokes of each other and everyone had fun, thats how i think a raiding guild should be, fun when your "off time" and serious when you are raiding, so you can get the job done

Your references:
Oluf - Kejebra - Aiselyn - Arkibald - Merivu - Zhulthar,
Basicly the whole old staff from Isis :)

Additional notes:
I hope i can come and kick some ass with you guys :) ..
and ofc be a help to you with your LK10/25 HM kills


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Re: Bendborn - Blood Dps or Tank

Post by Dug » Fri Jul 16, 2010 9:40 am

Level: 2 :)


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Re: Bendborn - Blood Dps or Tank

Post by Zehluj » Fri Jul 16, 2010 11:37 am

Can you list what your keybinds are or are all those displayed in the screenshot?

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Re: Bendborn - Blood Dps or Tank

Post by Wrekk » Fri Jul 16, 2010 12:38 pm

You should just go and change your blood dps spec and ditch all those Armor Penetration gems, those gems are out of question unless you can reach 1200 rating or however high the cap is, and as for the rest of your gems, you seem to have gemmed expertise even when you're above the softcap and that doesn't really seem constructive, and as far as hit gems go, you're better off ditching that 44 AP enchant on your gloves for 20 hit instead of sacrificing 20 str for 20 hit. In short, blood isn't even viable for dps unless you're rocking Shadowmourne and a full 277 kit with hardcapped Armor Penetration.

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Re: Bendborn - Unholy Dps (Can do Frost aswell) or Tank

Post by Bendborn » Fri Jul 16, 2010 11:02 pm

My Keybinds are listed in the screenshot but if you would like me to i can make you an list.
1: Icy Touch
2: Plague Strike
3: Death Strike
4: Heart Strike / Bloodstrike (On Champs in Totc)
5: Mind Freeze
6: Pestilence
V: Death Coil
F: Death and Decay
T: Dancing Rune Weapon
0: War Stomp
-: Death Grip
=: Dark Command
J: Hysteria
Ctrl F1 : Blood Presence
Ctrl F2 : Frost Presence
Ctrl F3 : Unholy Presence

And for the gemming part honestly didn't realise i had reached such an high expertise cap seeing that i geemed before 2 new items, but i'ill change them tonight, and i'ill also run some simulations on my Blood dps contra Unholy dps in the gear i got now when i have regemmed.

I have run some Simulations on my Gear in both Blood nd Unholy spec.. (With the new gems).

Single Target:
Max Able Dps as Blood spec: 11,233dps
Max Able Dps as Unholy spec: 9,774dps + Pet Dps (Program didnt have this integrated..)

Okay now i respecced Unholy, Tryed some different spec with simulator and found this to be the best spec seeing that Disease now benefit from haste, and are Shadow/Frost damage aswell. aswell as the +4% Str frost spec gives now.

If however i should go Frost instead i would spec the following:
http://www.wowhead.com/talent#jfV0VZG0e ... zAo:kasmVM

Currenlt I got a pair of 251 (Ilvl) weapons in my bank which would serve perfect for Dual Wield Spec

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Re: Bendborn - Dps (Prefer Blood) or Tank (Blood) [Withdrawn]

Post by Bendborn » Thu Jul 22, 2010 4:32 am

It has come to my attention that you are currently over stoked with DK dpsers and Tanks, so i would like to call of my application for the times being, got ingame contact with a few of the members in Ubiquity and when the time is right i'ill turn in a new application, or else if you feel at anytime you are lacking an dps'er you can always post an reply here (Got mail notification), or an in-game message/mail.

-Bendborn over and out
-GL with your progress on

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