[Declined] Veranke - Retribution Paladin

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[Declined] Veranke - Retribution Paladin

Post by Alexbeav » Sun Jul 11, 2010 5:12 pm

- Character Name : Veranke
- Class: Paladin
- Race: Blood Elf
- Specc: Retribution / Protection
- Armory link: http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sheet ... &n=veranke
- WoW-Heroes.com link: http://www.wow-heroes.com/index.php?zon ... me=veranke

- Guild I'm in now : Guildless
- Why I want to apply to you : Because I am impressed by the progress of this guild and believe it to be hardcore enough for me to be. Having a cool name doesn't hurt either.
- What I think I can bring to you : Professionalism, if it can be called that way in terms of a game. I always do my homework before I raid and come prepared to it. I'll never need to go out and repair after the 3rd wipe like I see many "prepared" raiders do. I have never asked for or bought a flask inside a planned raid, not even for my off-spec. While I may not know 'alternate' tactics in some bosses, I always know the 'normal' tactic of a boss (that is, wowwiki or tankspot tactic). I do not get tired, even after I've spent 200-300g in repairs. To the hardcore raider, it might not seem a large enough ammount, but people I'm used to -sadly- raid with start the whining and moaning after the bills hit the 50g mark. And yes, I'm talking plate users.
- I can raid at all the days and hours you request. I may not always be available Saturdays unless it's planned near the beginning of the week (Monday/Tuesday) OR we're going for progress. Progress, I can respect. Progress > social life tbh. B*tches can wait. Only other reason to miss a raid is : family emergency (like, someone is dying), personal harm (loss of hands at the least), natural disasters causing power and/or internet failing at the entire city, the Apocalypse or heaven on earth and Sharon Stone in her 30s knocking on my door (childhood fantasies > progress).

- More information about the man behind the keyboard.

My name is Alex and I am 23. I live in Athens, Greece (where you may have spent a summer or two). I have just finished with my army duties (all Greek men must join the army for about a year once they're 18), as well as college where I studied Computer Programming. I plan to continue my studies, most likely in Canada but that will happen AT THE EARLIEST in August. I like to listen to a broad range of artists some of which include (out of the top of my head) : AC/DC, In Flames, Metallica, Linkin Park, Breaking Benjamin, Skillet, Slipknot, Disturbed, Godsmack, All That Remains, Heaven Shall Burn, Motorhead, Manowar, Iced Earth and Iron Maiden. I'm an avid comics reader (though I'm a little out-of-date on last year's comics due to being in the army, but I'm catching up), and enjoy Marvel Comics (Iron Man & Punisher are my favorite heroes) and after that, Dark Horse and Image Comics (Star Wars, Sin city on the former, Spawn, Witchblade on the latter). I like movies, mostly in the action or sci-fi genres but I have a thing for epic movies (Kingdom of Heaven, Lord of the Rings, The Gladiator) espionage, and gangster films, though that hasn't stopped Fight Club being my favorite movie (and book) of all times. I also enjoy reading books, especially the Bourne trilogy (long before it came to theaters) and R.A. Salvatore novels and am currently reading Stephen King's the Dark Tower novels. I am a fanatic gamer, spending most of my time just enjoying games, though for the past couple of years WoW has been the center of my focus. In any case, you do not want me to get starting talking games ! I also watch a lot of TV shows (but not TV), my current favorites being Supernatural and House M.D. and old favorites being La Femme Nikita and X-Files. I have a little brother who I love very much,Nick (also known as Nicktaker in-game) and among the things I call my own, my friendship with my man Geo (Tapia in-game) is one of the things I value most. I hope that covers most aspects about me that you'd like to know, of course I am always available (when not in raid) for personal inquiries. While I have been accused as elitist, I have NEVER been anything less than friendly to people who treat me friendly too.

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Re: Veranke - Retribution Paladin

Post by Vintoran » Sun Jul 11, 2010 5:47 pm

Are you the guy that emoquit Rargnasha's pug yesterday because you and the other paladins couldn't figure out blessings, insulting him and pulling Marrowgar in the progress?
(hint: It's a rhetorical question, I double checked with Rarg)
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Re: Veranke - Retribution Paladin

Post by Alexbeav » Sun Jul 11, 2010 6:46 pm

that was my character, but that was not me. i explained to rarg that my brother also knows my acc and he was online, both yesterday and today flaming him in ICC. I learned all that when I logged later today.

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Re: Veranke - Retribution Paladin

Post by Cibee » Sun Jul 11, 2010 8:27 pm

Cool story bro
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Re: Veranke - Retribution Paladin

Post by akahad » Sun Jul 11, 2010 8:33 pm

Honestly speeking i couldnt care less if it was you or someone you gave acces to your account. If you decided to trust them, than it s your mistake and you take just as much responsibilty for their actions.
Have you pulled same crap while wearing <Ubiquity> guildtag over your head, other people wouldnt care that it wasnt one of us, that acted like jerk, but his brother/mother/grandma- they d blame our guild for accepting such players into our ranks, and they wouldnt have every right to do so.
Behaviour of whoever has acces to your account is unacceptable by any measure of maturity, and we re by no means willing to let that person put a stain on our reputation.

For those reasons i m declining your aplication. I wish you best of luck in finding another guild.

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