[Declined] Nalzeth - Warlock Application

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[Declined] Nalzeth - Warlock Application

Post by Nalzeth » Sun Jul 04, 2010 10:42 pm

Character information:

- Name: Nalzeth

- Class: Warlock

Warlocks are a pure dps class, not really much to say nor to describe it. Our main role is to exclusively dee pee es. There are situations in which a lock could be asked to tank (the prince council encounter, tanking Sartharion with the VW etc.). It is important to know the class mechanics as well as playing, experiencing and knowing your every single spec. You never know when the currently played spec gets nerfed and you need to switch with no problems. You need to have good and balanced itemization, as every other class does, therefor, know every single plus and minus that every stat brings to every of the 3 specs. If I would feel unsure about a change result of a patch, I'd check out Elitist Jerks or as a last resort solution, ask a fellow lock. All in all, my class role is dpsing, popping up a soulwell, a summoning stone here and there and of course, like every other class in game, applying the tactics, focusing to the fight, doing what I'm supposed to. And after 3 years, I'm still in love with my class :)

- Race: Blood Elf

I know that as an orc, you have the pet damage increased by 5% and that would bring let's say 100 more dps but back then, I just couldn't stand the looks of an orc warlock. Hope there isn't much of a problem here.

- Spec : 56/0/15 (Affliction)

This spec is currently the highest dps providing one. Not a spec to use when you would prefer burst damage (such as Dreamwalker) as it mainly consists in DoTs. The most complex warlock spec but with a few timer addons nobody should have a problem playing it properly. Using Spellstone for the haste and +DoT damage.

- Offspec: 3/13/55 (Deep Destruction)

This being my favourite spec, it is, as I stated above, a burst damage based spec that is similar to the mage playing style. Currently the least used spec as a warlock but let's hope some day they will balance them all, offering the chance to see all specs in a raid. Using Firestone mainly for the +1% direct spell damage as it is quite better than the haste on the Spellstone.

Demonology (Ideally 0/56/15)

This spec was very popular in the early WotLK (Naxx, Maly etc.) but now we opt for it more or less for the Demonic Pact buff (+ ~500 spell power) as it’s not quite as good as Affliction dps wise. If needed I’ll switch my offspec to demo and play it when asked. Using Firestone (see above). :)

I can play any of these specs with no problems.

Basic rotation as affliction: I am starting with Life Tap (for it’s buff due to glyphing) -> Shadow Bolt -> Haunt -> Unstable Affliction ->(Nevermelting Ice Crystal, as crit doesn’t reset for Corruption as long as the debuff is kept) Corruption -> Curse of Agony. I then spam Shadow Bolt refresh my dots and Life Tap when it's needed. When the mob is under 25% HP I Drain Soul.

-Armory link: http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sheet ... &n=Nalzeth

-Wow heroes link: http://wow-heroes.com/index.php?zone=eu ... me=nalzeth

I’ll post here my self buffed Main Stats just in case the armory is down:

- Gear score: 5808 (I know it’s not the gear you would look for but I hope it won’t be a decisive minus. You know what they say, skill>gear :) )

- HP: 20 364

- Mana: 24 726

- Spell power: 3409

- Hit rating: 297 (11,32% hit chance. I know I’m 0,32 above the ideal hit chance)

- Crit chance: 25,43%

- Haste rating: 1071

My gear choices are based on the following stats prio:

Affliction: SP>Haste>Crit>Spirit>Intellect

Destruction: SP>Haste>Crit>Spirit>Intellect

Demonology for Demonic Pact: SP>Spirit>Haste>Crit>Intellect

Also I have chosen to go for the 4 T10 set bonus by not wearing the T10 pants as those wield an insane amount of hit, that I can’t make as much use from as from the other T10 parts.

- Proffesions:
-460 Enchanting

I have chosen it mainly for the ring enchant bonus. I know that Jewelcrafting offers like 10 more spell power with the jeweler's BoP gems but back then when I chose this profession, I simply liked the idea of an enchanter warlock. ^^

-450 Tailoring

I have first of all chosen this profession for the Lightweave Emboidery enchant which is absolutely brilliant as it procs quite often and it's really worth not considering another spec to replace it. Also, in TBC, most of the patterns were BoP and some of the resulted items were BiS at that moment.

Secondary professions
450 Cooking (got all the recipes and Chef’s Hat)

450 Fishing (got the Sense Fish ability)

450 First Aid (warlock nurse!)

-Level 80 alts:

-Kenthai, level 80 muti rogue

Personal information:

- Why do I want to apply to you

Knowing that your guild is one of the oldest and most stable raiding guilds on this server coupled with your PvE progress makes me think you are the best choice for me, as a mature raider. I've never heard bad rumors about you guys and that, in my mind, is a good factor as well. Another thing that made me apply to you firstly is that your raiding schedule is not quite as demanding as it is in other guilds. I want to have fun and enjoy the game, not make it replace my real life activity.All in all, I see this guild as the best choice for every single raider that also has some social life :wink:

-What do I think I can bring to you

A dedicated, and very eager to learn and progress raider, an experienced and friendly player that knows exactly the borders between having a laugh and focusing to the raid, making it happen. I can assure you that I'm not just a random guy that applies here. :)

Raiding Experience:
Vanilla: Only just started playing back then so no PvE experience more or less. ^^

The Burning Crusade: Every single dungeon except the superior half of Sunwell Plateau (raided on my warrior on another account back then though)

WotLK: Everything up to 25 man normal mode Lich King only by PuGing or along other guild runs (didn't really had a chance to get in a raiding guild as my schedule was never stable but now I overcame that problem as well). I know that's not a stunning experience regarding the content you're currently raiding but I can assure you that this won't be a problem at all as I'm an eager fast learner.

I use tankspot.com and bosskillers.com to get to understand every single fight!

Playing time

Monday-Wednesday: Like 14:30-23:00 (usually)/00:00 (if it's needed)

Friday: 22:00-00:00 (if really needed to attend a raid earlier might be able to come on occasion)

Saturday: 22:00-00:00

Sunday: 18:00-00:00 (might aswell attend earlier if really needed)

Additional information about me:

Name: Steven

Country: Romania

Interests: Football, Basketball, hanging out with friends and ofcourse, video games in my at-home spare time

RP story:

Naal’Zaetnhis was born in an improvised hut in Ghostlands, during a devastating plague that made Ghostlands look as it does nowadays. When he reached the fragile age of 10, his father went in the woods to hunt for some food but he never came back. It seems his corpse was found near a Ziggurat, with Scourge guarding his corpse, maybe for an upcoming ritual. Naal’s mother was devastated to find out what happened with her husband and decided to leave that infested region and go away, along her son, to a safe region where she could raise Naal to be a strong, independent man.

After a 3 months journey through the Eastern Kingdoms, tired but with strong hope, they finally reached Undercity where they would have taken the zeppelin to Northrend, where they’ve heard about Agmar’s Hammer, a refugee camp in the north-west of Dragonblight. The 2 of them rested for a month in Brill before they could continue their journey. Here, Naal met the high priest of the village’s church, a very kind man, that liked children and was more than happy to take care about him and let his mother rest. During his stay, the priest has taught him the arts of magic, and how to use it to make good deeds and heal the injured. When Naal left, the priest gave him a book that would’ve helped the boy in fulfilling his dreams of becoming, one day, a powerful good priest like his mentor was. They then packed all their belongings and left to Northrend, where their final sets of challenges were awaiting.

3 weeks of only sea and sky in their sight and they finally reached Vengeance Landing. They were surprised to find out that even there, the Scourge was claiming the region and the brave followers of Lady Sylvanas were fighting it to death. It seemed their trip through the frozen wastes was not as easy as they thought and they were advised to stay around there until Naal would grow up and could actually help his mother fighting their way to Dragonblight. Of course, everyone was welcome to stay as long as they brought their services against the Scourge. Therefor, Naal’s mother became part of the cooking staff and the little boy was assisting the casters around with healing the superficial wounds of the warriors and conjuring magicial stones that also had the power to heal, the Healthstones.

Years have passed and Naal was only growing stronger and stronger, to be an experienced and flawless caster. At the age of 25, Naal and his mother thanked the Vengeance Landing villagers for their kindness and continued their journey, but not as a weak mother and little child anymore, but as a proud mother with her experienced son, ready for any encounters they might face during their trip. After months of traveling, following wrong paths, hunting for survival and fighting against Alliance scum roaming the land, they finally crossed the border between Grizzly Hills and Dragonblight, by swimming underwater helped by one of Naal’s fantastic spells that allowed breathing under water. It seemed that he became something more powerful than a regular priest, during his activity in Northrend and that started to fidget his mother as she was feeling that something changed in his son.

After nearly a week of unending walk through blizzard, they finally saw some building structures and so they thought that was Agmar’s Hammer. But they were wrong. The village they’ve spotted was New Hearthglen, a village that is going to change Naal’s life as a caster. They happily entered the village, and even though the population’s unfriendly looks wasn’t really comforting, they kept walking along the path to talk to their leader. When they reached the main building, an undead appeared in their face and quickly grabbed him and his mother and teleported them to a safe nearby place, called Venomspite. The undead kindly explained them that they’ve walked through a very dangerous village and that they could’ve died by doing so.

Seeing that Naal is a powerful caster, he was asked to find a way to spy New Hearthglen, and as a reward, he and his mother would be escorted to Agmar’s Hammer in safety. He happily accepted this mission and went searching the woods for a solution. Not long after he left Venomspite, he found a skeleton holding a scroll in his hand, and that could’ve transform him into an Onslaught member, therefor one of the New Hearthglen inhabitants. It seems he wasn’t the only one that tried spying them and he, then, understood that he must be careful. He used the scroll and right after finishing the cast, he fell on the ground like he’d been lightning struck.

A few days later, he woke up in a bed, nursed by an Onslaught member. He then understood that he was probably rescued by one of them and brought in New Hearthglen. After he got back on his feet, he went for a walk to see what’s going around and if there is any way to get to the leader. Walking around and hearing all the people talking about all sort of things he found out that their leader was a very powerful Onslaught Raven Priest. He thought that being undercover and also, having the knowledge of a priest he could rapidly sneak into the Onslaught priest ranks and get closer and closer to the high priest. But this was the decision that changed him forever. Joining the raven priests, he no longer was a good, respectable priest. He joined the dark priests, working with dark magic, and his already altered knowledge and magic ways combined with this decision made him enjoy the dark arts more and more.

When he finally managed to infiltrate the Onslaught, the dark engulfed his thoughts completely and instead of trying to speak with the high priest in order to get all the information he could, he became his disciple. Forgetting about his mother and his dignity, he became a master of dark magic, working and fighting along demons, becoming one of those that he feared and swore to destroy one day. He sold his soul to the high priest for greater power but one day, all of these suddenly found their end. The spell that helped him disguise was only temporarily and in that day, it’s effect wore off. Immediately, the high priest ordered his death but Naal didn’t agree with his decision. He started to kill everyone and destroy everything he could in New Hearthglen, until he reached his mentor. He was more powerful and enraged than ever. The high priest tried all he could but with a single gesture Naal silenced him and started to channel a strange spell, that he didn’t even know of before. The combination of rage and the darkness consuming him, made him drain the high priest’s soul, until all that remained of the allmighty priest was it’s dry corpse.

When he returned to Venomspite to bring the great news, he found out that nobody was recognizing him anymore and that in his absence, his mother was killed by one of his former mates, by an Onslaught Raven Priest. He left Venomspite crazed and enraged, swearing that he’ll destroy all the Scourge and everything that’s bad in the world, using the dark power against them, who have taught him in the first place. Since that day, Naal’Zaetnhis became one of the most powerful warlocks, known as Nalzeth, and is seeking retribution and justice for a cleansed and better world!

Give me a shot and I assure you won’t regret it! Shall it be anything you want to ask me, I’ll be more than happy to answer. :)

Yours, Nal.

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Re: Nalzeth - Warlock Application

Post by Zehluj » Mon Jul 05, 2010 3:09 pm

This is... an impressive application... fo'sho.

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Re: Nalzeth - Warlock Application

Post by Zabii » Mon Jul 05, 2010 5:09 pm

Vouch from me, been in a few raids with Steven. Hes always good with tactics and is a pretty nice guy :D

Good luck with the application mate.


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Re: Nalzeth - Warlock Application

Post by akahad » Mon Jul 05, 2010 6:28 pm

hello there,
we will review your aplication and get back to you soon.

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Re: Nalzeth - Warlock Application

Post by Nalzeth » Tue Jul 06, 2010 9:37 am

Thank you for the kind words lads. :)

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Re: Nalzeth - Warlock Application

Post by Cibee » Tue Jul 06, 2010 1:45 pm

Hi Nazelus, long time no see o/
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Re: Nalzeth - Warlock Application

Post by Nalzeth » Tue Jul 06, 2010 5:58 pm

I'm sorry, what? :)

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Re: Nalzeth - Warlock Application

Post by Cibee » Tue Jul 06, 2010 6:29 pm

Next time you pay for a name change and reapply you could try to make it a little bit less obvious. Or as someone else said "That money he used for the namechange would've been better spent on a realmchange :roll:".

We looked at your application, considered your past with us and decided to decline you. Trying to sneak back in under a new name doesn't make things a lot better either but it does fit the picture.

Good luck in the future.
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Re: [Declined] Nalzeth - Warlock Application

Post by Gedo » Tue Jul 06, 2010 6:54 pm

:D good one Cibee!
p.s. it was your warrior that gave you up!
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