[Declined]Superiority - Rogue Application

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[Declined]Superiority - Rogue Application

Post by Superiority » Mon Jun 28, 2010 2:23 pm

* Nick: Superiority
* Class and Race: Rogue BELF
* Level: 80
* /played: (time spent in total and at lvl 80) 115days and 76 days
* Armory link: http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sheet ... uperiority
* Professions: (can you craft something special?) 450 Engineering, 450 Enchanting


Naxx10: cleared
Naxx25: some
Ulduar10: up to yogg, Starcaller (Algalon)
Ulduar25 up to yogg
Toc10: cleared
Toc25 cleared
ICC10: 11/12, 4/12 HC
ICC25: 11/12, 4/12 HC

* Age: 25
* Sex: Male
* Nationality: English
* Playing time: I can come to any raid, i work from home mostly, and fully dictate how i spend my time.
* Previous guilds and reasons for leaving them: I have recently migrated. My previous guild on my old server had: 12/12 icc10 HC glory, 11/12 icc25 HC glory.
* Were you ever an officer or obtained a leadership position of your past guild(s)? If yes, explain your role: In LegacY i was an officer and lead the 25man raids for the guild.
* Fluency in English: Perfect
* Connection/Computer: (Write a details of your computer (specs) and connection. Are you DC-ing?) 512mb dedicated graphics cards, 4gig RAM, stable 8meg connection.
* Can you use ventrilo and microphone? Yes
* Do you want to get a LK kill before the icc buff is beyond a joke and no one feels you earnt it? Yes :(
* Do you love whoring ArP? Yes :)

So here is your chance to really prove you know your char, write at least a few sentences on each topic.

* Talents: Explain why you have the spec you have; why it suits you the best? Does it have any advantages/disadvantages when compared to other specs? I have my spec because it produces the best dps, previously it was arguable that the relentless strikes spec was superior, but when the Deadly poison OH to MH proc was introduced, my current spec became the spec of choice.

* Gear: Write a few lines about your gear; what does your current gear lack? Why weren’t you able to upgrade it before? What gear are you aiming at atm? I'm alittle over Exp. capped, but this will come down in the place of more ArP with a few item changes of equal level , i'm full 264 bar 1 item which is 245, which i will replace soon as it drops/have the EpGp for it.

* Guild: Why do you want to join us? What can we gain by accepting you into its ranks? I want to join the best guild on the server (that i know of). I would like more prorgession, and a chance to prove my worth as a skilled raider in this respect. Benefits i can bring include being reliable for raiding in terms of raid times ect. High dps is always a plus to :) (my single target nuke is quite formitable)

* WoW goals: For how long are you planning to play this game? What is it you want to achieve? Are you willing to leave behind your WoW/irl friends for pve progress? I plan to play right through Cata and beyond, i want, whent he times comes, to have max Cata raid progression quickly. Progression > irl :)

* Performance: Tell us something about your playing style (WWS link, recount screens, etc. would be a very nice addition). Tell us how you are playing: What is your rotation? What is your priority system? How are you managing your cooldowns? I just cleared out all my old screenshots and fraps, unfortunately. But i can say in good faith that my dps is high, spiking well over 14k (hit 20k single target on LK25 attempt), and won't dip below 10k on a tank and spank. CD wise, i activate them when i know a prolonged period of dps'ing has started, and i save my "big cooldown" (Adrenilin Rush) even longer if a final phase is coming up. As for rotation......get SnS up, blow CD's, SS/Evi spam. I will however Exspose Armour if no other simular spell is up from either a rogue or warrior.

A few meaningless questions that the Management wants to ask.

* Wipes: Are you patient and can withstand hours of wiping on new bosses? Do you tend to blame others for screwing up the fight? Can you calmly take the fact that you messed up and submit to criticism? I've always been a firm believer in wiping for progression, and become quite annoyed when people moan about wiping while we are progressing new content. If i mess up i often want to be told how and why, so in the future i will not fail. I don't like failing...

* Farming: Are you able to farm gold and mats well enough to be self-sustainable? I have bags full of all types of mats, 30k ish gold on my main, 40k+ gold accross all my 80's

Yours Thankfully, Superiority

P.S. My friend Fubar (Resto Druid) will be applying at some point today. He was considered to be one of the best resto druids on our old server.

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Re: Superiority - Rogue Application

Post by akahad » Mon Jun 28, 2010 8:50 pm

Hello there,
we re in proces of rewieving your aplication and will give you answer soon.

Regards, Aka.

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Re: Superiority - Rogue Application

Post by Fübar » Wed Jun 30, 2010 3:39 pm

Please consider this along with my application as we are friends playing together.

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Re: Superiority - Rogue Application

Post by akahad » Thu Jul 01, 2010 11:51 pm

Hello there,
since you asked us to consider your 2 aplications together and fubar got declined i m also declining this one- good luck in finding a guild that ll suit your needs.

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