[Accepted] Death knight damage dealer

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[Accepted] Death knight damage dealer

Post by Kurvar » Sun Jun 27, 2010 10:54 am

Kurvar the death knight dps

Class: Death knight

Spec: Unholy with frost subspec due to changes in latest patch(more on that below)

http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sheet ... d&n=Kurvar
My gear is currently almost on the maximum level before icecrown citadel 25man Heroic and TOGC25(Death choice heroic) the only minor changes I could get is to replace my chest with tier 10.5 and my legs with crafted but unfortunately it is a bit expensive for me for the time being especially since I got my legs in voa.
Professions: Blacksmithing and alchemy which I am currently leveling.

Guild you're in now / guild you were in before: I do not remember any guild in naxxramas period so I will only post the list from trial of the champion era to icecrown citadel:
+ I N V I C T U S was my first guild but it was pvp which isn't my stronger point(Akahad can confirm :) ) I left in search of a pve guild but with my bad gear at the moment I was not aiming high leading us to
+ Renatus Vir which was mostly doing toc and due to a guild leader being incapable he disbanded it leaving me guildless.After that I was guildless for some time doing pugs until I geared up a bit. so I joined
+ Walk on water in which I was for a short time after which I left due to me and the guild leader having different views on the game content with him more focusing on cataclysm while I was more interested in the present content. That leaded to me and my friend creating
+ Regnator Homicida we raided for a while doing icc10 11/12 and icc25 6/12 but the lack of dedication of members was high which was a bit of our fault since we did not create any form of punishment or reward for the guys showing up. I admit I admire you guys for making everything work from creating to progress etc /cheer. After my friend got accepted into Phase two we disbanded. I applied to sidereals but it seems it was a bad timing
+ Sidereals,with the summer aproaching the lack of sign ups became high so 10man raids were more frequent but with the same people getting invited over and over again not to mention not making any progress was disappointing for me and it seems they are more of a casual guild now.
+ Tainted a 10man raiding guild I just entered full of nice and friendly people but with hearing that I might have a chance with my servers favorite guild due to already trying some of your tactics on 10man with help of Rahtari and lorenai I just had to try this out :).

Why you want to apply to us:
Well as I mentioned I like your play style,organization and ofcourse from some of your current and previous members hearing nothing but good remarks and by mentioning ubiquity you get positive remarks from all players I come across with I think I would enjoy being part of your community :D

What do you think you can bring to us:
As a player I would be there on time,would not complain about any wiping and generally be helpful to any other members in terms of my profession,rl or wow questions. As a death knight I bring str+agility buff for the melee and 13% magical damage for the casters.

Some info about class/spec, dps rotation, healing style: Well my class is a death knight,a melee dps class which combines two types of damage:magical and physical sometimes even in a single strike like scourge strike in which magical proportion is dependent from the physical burst.The second important thing about our playstyle are the diseases which as a dot do damage on their own in addition to adding a damage increase of certain abilities.
Spec: I chose unholy simply because I like its playstile with the ghoul becoming permanent,having a gargoyle cooldown and the 3rd disease which increases the burst of the abilities due to adding that new element not to mention to strengthen the dots of the other 2 and the overall magical damage.Sub spec that I use from the latest patch is frost due to changes in icy talons which now stacks with the improved icy talons and shamans totem plus the Endless winter which now increases strength by 4%.Before that I used blood because of rp regen in combat,increased critical chance of some abilities and attack power from armor converting 180armor in 5ap which was a worthy sacrifice for 30rp additional strength,haste and increased shadow+frost damage.
Dps rotation: I do not have a set out rotation and use a priority system instead which makes it more adjustable to different situation.It works on the system that I apply diseases 1st for other damage and refresh them in their last 3 seconds.2nd thing I worry about is keeping desolation up and after that the priority of attack is scourge strike,other than that usage of blood strike or death coil is dependent of the situation because for example when I use anti magic shell and build up my rp to 130 I would use death coil over blood strike since it would be a waste of rp to use blood strike which builds it up. If all abilities are on cooldown I use horn to get 10rp.
Cooldowns: Army of the dead I usually use it before the pull in combo with potion of speed which than gets off cooldown for the second one called Gargoyle. I use it usually with bloodlust and trinket procs so I pull out the max dps benefit from it.The 3rd thing I use is am shell to soak up magical damage making it easier for the healers not to mention the rp gain.

Looking forward to your questions

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Re: Death knight damage dealer

Post by akahad » Mon Jun 28, 2010 8:50 pm

We ll review your aplication and give you answer shortly.

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Re: Death knight damage dealer

Post by Lorenai » Mon Jun 28, 2010 9:51 pm

I know MIlos for a while and I'd like to vouch for him. I think that he learns quickly and accepting him in the guild could be mutually benefitial.


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Re: Death knight damage dealer

Post by akahad » Sun Jul 11, 2010 8:27 pm

We decided to give you a shot at proving yourself. Wisper any oficer for invite.

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