[Declined] Kambo - Resto Shaman

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[Declined] Kambo - Resto Shaman

Post by Kambo » Tue Jun 22, 2010 5:18 pm



http://armory.wow-europe.com/character- ... d&cn=Kambo

Guild you're in now / guild you were in before (reasons you left)
I am in risen right now, it was a casual guild with a few friends but it didnt pan out so it just sort of disbanded, back when wotlk first came out i was in Delirium and that also disbanded, and over the last few weeks i've been on The Dusk warden on alliance with my rogue link which also disbanded, it's probably a curse i carry so you should be warned :D

Why you want to apply to us
I'm looking for a guild that is raiding and raiding for progress, going into ICC once a week to down the few easy bosses is just not what i want really, i like the wipe nights, I've done it since vanilla and I wanna see them bosses go down :D

What do you think you can bring to us
An active (probably too active :D) player, I research my class and the encounters to try and see what i'm doing wrong, I try always to do the best in the raid, I dont mind the wipes but i hate them if it was because of me

Some info about class/spec, dps rotation, healing style
Right my spec as it is needs a bit of fine tuning i've got elemental weapons, but turns out that improved shields is better so I'm gonna get that sorted whenever i'm back in a main city (farming herbs to skill up herbalism atm) and also the glyph of healing stream totem is good for 5man but for raiding either riptide or lhw glyph depending on the job assigned, so that's gonna be changed as well. My healing style is simple enough i tend to chain heal when a lot of the raid is taking damage but if damage is more concentrated to single player ofc lhw/hw would be more mana efficient and it will also be more effective.
HS on the tank ofc, i use a macro where i just have my HS target on focus so i dont have to change my target to cast HS on it, so in the case that i'm raid healing i can just press my macro and HS will instantly be on the tank and i can go back to healing the raid.
I'm quite an MP5 lover i tend to gem for socket bonus because i like the idea of having some royal dreadstones on my gear, mp5 helps a lot especially on long fights.

About me
Well atm for the summer i'm doing nothing so I'm gonna be very active, I've been playing this game for 5 years now and I've played a shaman as resto since vanilla, i was healing in MC/BWL/Q40 and NAXX40, i didnt play at all during TBC, and I came back for WOTLK, this is my original shaman, i dont play it anymore, there was no achievements back then, but you can see trough reps and the likes.

Hopefully that will be enough to at least try me out, but thanks anyway for reading :D

P.S. I know I have 2 gatherin professions atm but I'm leveling up alchemy atm and I'm gonna go for a second one after, still gotta choose which, might be inscription :)

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Re: Kambo - Resto Shaman

Post by Melchior » Tue Jun 22, 2010 6:06 pm


thank you for your application but sadly we have to decline your application.

We dont think that you fit into our current raid roster.
But i wish you all the best that you find a proper raiding guild soon!


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