[Declined] Blood Elf Destruction Warlock - Nyisha

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[Declined] Blood Elf Destruction Warlock - Nyisha

Post by Nyisha » Wed Jun 16, 2010 12:38 pm

Hello everyone in Ubiquity! :P

First of all, thanks for letting me apply and register etc really appreciate it!

I am applying with my sexy blood elf, Nyisha, She is mainly Destruction and also can go Demonology which i think is great fun if your bored and such!
I faction changed this char about a month ago now and am enjoying Horde alot now.. i have been a social guild since called The Frontline, but am dying to move onwards now with the lack of raiding, dungeons and just guild events that are happening there. I'm looking for a very serious raiding guild now to get the most out my Lock. I've heard about Ubiquity alot now and looks like they have a great Reputation on the server! :D :D

I would of linked Nyisha on here but am having a problemo with the armory so hope you don't mind and find another way to search me and inspect!

I can bring many things to you lot as im funny to have in the guild and am a great laugh ^^ and also i am willing to learn more about my class and others aswell, im always polite and ALWAYS keen to do anything so fingers crossed! ^^

I would say most of my raiding experience comes from my main char Named Iridium, (Night Elf Druid). and yes sorry my main is an Ally! :P anyway, iv'e pretty much cleared most raids with him i.e Toc10/25, Ony10/25, Ulduar(about halfway through), EoE/25, OS10/25, Naxx10/25 (could probaly solo it) and also VoA10/25 and so on... i have got achieves for both ICC10/25 for the first 4 bosses but have honestly never been given the chance to go on to other bosses because the raid leaders have been pretty sucky at times (honestly) :x
I'm glad to here you mainly concentrate on ICC for raiding as there is where i want to raid mostly.. i feel my gear is good at the moment, there are some things that need improving which im sure you will all notice. your raiding times sounds awesome to me and will match them easily. xD I know the destro Rotation, its pretty boring but is still awesome!

And mainly like i said i have been searching for a guild for sometime now and would love to be given the chance, you all sound like awesome people and would love to catch up with you all for a chat or so.
I think your Trials are pretty good to have, never really seen them in guilds before but theyre great ^^

so now some IRL shizzle about me!

Well my names Olly, I live in Jersey, channel islands (in case you don't know where its a very small island between england and france! but is owned by the UK), i currently work as a Personal Trainer, and love it!
Im very outgoing and extremely honest with everyone, also getting along with everyone is my strongest feature.
I play WoW pretty regularly when i have time (wont interfere with raiding times though), have been playing it for about a year now and dont regret it! xD

Thanks alot again for letting me apply, fingers crossed! :P

take care,


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Re: Blood Elf Destruction Warlock - Nyisha

Post by Apocalypsee » Wed Jun 16, 2010 2:08 pm

http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sheet ... &cn=Nyisha
Here is your armory.

Im still a trial so this might not count but your current gear and raid progress is very low.
Also lack of some ench and belt bucket don't look good.

But wait for officers and gl.

Image <--Click it.
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Re: Blood Elf Destruction Warlock - Nyisha

Post by Lanius » Wed Jun 16, 2010 2:16 pm

Hello Nyisha,

thank you for your application, even though it misses a few parts here and there, like armory link (which was provided afterwards^^) and WoL details.

There are a few things that puzzle me, like your meta gem or your referrance to demo as only a fun specc without mentioning the overpowered + ~500 spellpower buff the specc brings. But apart from these things, the main factor that's speaking against you at this current time is your gear, which is sadly not sufficient for ICC 25 hardmodes and therefore we have to decline your application.

Good luck in finding a suitable guild.

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