[Declined] Shadow Priest

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[Declined] Shadow Priest

Post by Zainery » Fri Jun 11, 2010 3:40 am

In game info

Name - Zainery

Race - Undead (mostly just because they're so damn cool, however I should probably have chosen a troll for PvE)

Class - Priest. My reason behind my choice of class, was that I've always loved a healing class in arena (i used to be an arena geek back in tbc) and I thought priests could be a bit more challenging than a resto druid, therefore I went for it and made my precious priest.

Spec - Right now I'm shadow with a common shadow pve spec (check armory for getting a view of how it is, and I would gladly change a few points if you think it would be necessary).

Armory Link - http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sheet ... cn=Zainery (I have 140 Frost Emblems on hold, so I can get 2 more tier 10 sets in a instant)

My spell rotation - Well I'm usally cruising around at elitistjerks.com and I've been reading and keeping me updated (since I originally an arena dude I had to know how to max my shadow dps for my battles in the pve world :P). Basically what I'm usually doing is Vampiric Touch -> Devouring Plague -> 3 mind flay ticks and then I finish it with a SW:P. During the fights I'm just trying to keep my dots up and use mind blast whenever its off cooldown, and when it is on cd I use mind flay. If I'm beeing chased by a furious monster or a flame Im using my shadow word death to get some damage done while moving.

Current guild and reason for leaving it - At the moment I'm currently in a quite unknown guild namely "The Dedicated Few". Well for starters it was supposed to be a hardcore raiding guild, with good members etc (we had a few contacts) but in the end it just didn't work out as planned. Alas, and I wanna be in a raiding guild that's good and dedicated, as well as taking things seriously. So that's the reason why I'm leaving my current guild and going for a shot here.

Why do I want to apply for you and what do I expect - As mentioned above I wanna raid in a dedicated and serious guild as well as having a good time during the raids. Which in my opinion I think you can bring to the table. Furthermore, except the facts brought up already, I haven't raided in a serious guild since the days of tbc. And I must say that I miss it, which is also why I'm applying here for.
I expect the guildmembers being a nice bunch of people, as well as a fair guild management. I also expect the guild to be serious when it's time for some rock'n'roll.

What can I provide for you and what can you expect - Well, you can expect a dedicated member who will sit if you say so (basically if you want me to farm mats or anything just name it and I'm certainly up for it). You can also expect a quite active member (not super active but active enough). I will always be there 19:00 ready for an invite.
My raiding schedule -
Monday: 12:00 - XX:XX
Thuesday: 15:00 - XX:XX (with an exception of boxing practise around 18:00)
Wednesday: 16:30 - XX:XX
Thursday: 16:00 - XX:XX (with an exception of boxing practise around 18:00)
Friday: 16:00 - XX:XX (with an exception of boxing practise around 18:00)
Saturday: Whenever I wake up - XX:XX (with an exception of boxing practise at 14:00)
Sunday: 15:00 - XX:XX (kickboxning practise from 12:00 - 14:00

As you can see, there's no time limit for me. If I would be needed until the morning then I'll stay through the whole night. But I wouldn't mind some sleep before school however, but that's another thing.

Vanilla WoW experience - During my Vanilla WoW days I cleared everything except naxxramas (I did a few bosses but my guild unfortunately fell apart half way through)
TBC raiding experience - Cleared everything from Karazhan to Black Temple, however I never got a chance at SWP as my guild fell apart about the time SWP came out (and I also had a big passion for arena during this time)
Wrath of The Lich King:
Naxx - Cleared everything down to Kel'Thuzad (I wasn't that active during the time)
VoA - Cleared
MAL - Cleared
Sath - Cleared
Ulduar - 11/14 downed
ToC - Cleared
ToGC - Haven't even tried
ICC 10 - 9/12
ICC 25 - 4/12 (never had a pug that has lasted through more than 4 bosses)

My ICC progress aint that good I know, but I've already read through all of the tactics and I've heard a few things from a few m8s of mine who have done them. And I certainly don't mind going through the tactics again, don't worry I will be prepared when the time comes.

PvP experience - In Vanilla WoW I played quite a few BGs but nothing too hardcore, I only got to rank 9 before the new honor system came out, but I certainly enjoyed it. During my TBC days I was to be honest quite good. I was ranked top 10 in 2v2 and 5v5 at the time on Blackout BG (it was the second best BG after cyclone). I played my druid during this time, which I'm still playing arena on for fun (she's at 2.2k rating but I've never really played anything serious so far in WoTLK). On my priest in WoTLK however I've not played that much, played thugcleave (aka lolcombo rogue hunter priest) which we reached 2k with, and I've also played Priest Rogue and made it to 2190. So if anyone is interested I'm up for some arena while waiting for the raids to occur.

Real Life info

My name is Sebastian and I'm 18 years old, born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden. At the moment I'm attending high school that focuses on health and trainingscience which I am enjoying very much. Mostly because I've always had an interest in the human body as well in training and how to maximize your training. Furthermore, as you probably noticed at my raiding schedule there were a few boxing practises. And yeah, I'm at the moment attending both boxing and kickboxing clubs which I have big passion for. In fact, at the moment I'm training 7 - 9 times a week (amazingly I found a guild who fits my training schedule just perfect) with practises during the mornings as well as training sessions at school.

Alas, except my passion and dedication for training I've always loved computer/tv games, ever since I was like eight or nine years old I've played some sort of game (everything from crashbandicot on ps1 to diablo2). But during the last 5 years or so I've been playing world of warcraft on my free time (with a few breaks from the game of course) and I'm still enjoying it. However my life aint just about training and WoW, sometimes I'm out cruising around with a few m8s or at weekends you can find me at a party with a couple of friends or so (although I'm not a big fan of getting drunk, I'm usually pleased after 2 bears, you gotta keep the six pack you know :P).

What else is there, well I love rock music (everything from Kizz to In Flames). I'm usually attending everything I can (my father is the security chief at conserts, so basically I can visit anything I wish), however I'm not a big fan of live conserts (especially not rock) since everyone in the audience are jumping and going crazy, and that's just not me.

Well I really hope you took your time and enjoyed reading my application, all I got left now is to hold my thumbs and pray ^^ I might as well add that one my IRL friends are applying as well (Gurgh) and he's also a reason behind my choice of applying here.

Regards Zainery

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Re: Shadow Priest

Post by Lanius » Sat Jun 12, 2010 12:47 pm

Hello Zainery, thank you for your application.

We will review it and come back to you shortly

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Re: Shadow Priest

Post by akahad » Wed Jun 16, 2010 1:19 am

Thanks for your interest in our guild but at this time i m afraid i wont be able to fit any more shadowpriests in our roster. I wish you best of luck finding another guild, and if situation ever changes, you re welcome to renew your aplication:)

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