Therul 80 Orc Hunter Survival

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Therul 80 Orc Hunter Survival

Post by Therul » Fri Mar 26, 2010 4:17 am

What's your name, age and country of residence?
And how well do you understand English? [1-10]
My name is Luke. I am 16 and from the UK, East Yorkshire to be exact. I'd say I have a very good understanding of the English language so I'm going to go with 10/10.

Talent specification for raiding (tank, dps, healer - xx-xx-xx). And why have you specced so?
1/15/55 - Survival i prefer survival to marksmen because at the current moment marksmen hunters go oom very fast leaving it hard to kite mobs on boss for example blood beast's on saurfang and i can pull more dps than most marksmen hunters because my current spec is the best raiding spec i have the one in beast mastery because when it proc i gain 9% haste due to my Glyphs.

Did you level this character yourself? If not, have you bought it, or do you share an account with someone else? Does anyone else have access to the account, ie a friend or relative?
Yes i did level this charecter on my own just as i have leveled all my others on my own and no i am the only person that had acces to this account.

What other characters do you have, which could be useful for the guild? This doesn't only mean raid wise, but also for farming, for instances.
I have a 80 Prot/Holy Paladin Icc25 geared in both specs and i would farm anything you needed.

Are you playing at home and is your internet connection stable?
Will you be able to attend full raids with no connection problems?

Yes i am playing at home, mt internet connection is very stable and my computer is also very good always have high fps and i can always attend full raids without any connection problems.

Armory link. ... &cn=Therul

Current and/or previous guilds (any useful references?)?
Why did you leave/are you leaving?

I only have one Current guild but that is on my paladin since i only just transferred to this server

Why have you decided to apply to Ubiquity and are you applying to other guilds at this point?,
What do you expect from us?

I was looking through our servers sites looking for guild recruitments then i found yours and i saw that you are doing very well in 10 and 25 mans and that you needed rabged dps and see'ing as i'm a hunter i thought great nows my chance! A good succesful guild is just what i need to help my gain my full potential. All i expect from the guild is what you more than likey expect from me a mature, friendly but serious raiding attitude.

What can you offer the guild besides the role of your character?
i can offer the Guild uncut epic gems free enchants and i can try and get them anything else they ask for.

What's your raiding experience?
This means both at levels 60, 70 and 80. Please describe in full, so we know which bosses you've done.

Unfortunatley i didn't experience any level 60 bosses as i started a week after TbC came out. I didn't really experience many level 70 raids i have Done Sunwell, Karazhan, Zul'Aman, SSC and Gruul's lair. Level 80 i have experienced all raids apart from togc because i have never had a stable guild that could drop any bosses to help me progress throught that in icc i have kill the first wing and in the seecond wing i have killed Festergut , Rotface, Dreamwalker and i got Sindragosa to 20% :(, but i'm hoping this will soon change and i will be killing the Lich King!

Raiding times are 19.00-till our goals reached.
Can you manage these times? Also is there a possibility that you could stay past raid end on progress nights?

I get Home about 17:30 WoW time So i have no problem starting and i can go to bed when ever i want on a weekday and on a weekend so this is perfectly fine for me :)

Which days are you available? Keep in mind that we expect people to raid from the start to end of the raid.
I'm available all 365 days of the year.

Would you be willing to respec for us if we asked you to?
Do you have duel spec and do you have acceptable PVE raid gear for that build?

Yes i would be willing to respec into anyspec that could help the guild in anyway possible

Would you be willing to farm mats and donate them to the guild if needed?
i would be more than willing to farm mats the guild. :)

Do you have a functioning mic and are you confident talking on ventrillo in raid/social situations?
Yes i do have a functioning mic i am a very confident talker in any situation and i am on vent or social situations

Can you take criticism? If for example you make a mistake, which was easily avoidable or caused by not having learned the tactics you might get shouted at. Can you handle this?
Ofc i can take Criticism because then i know if i am doing something wrong and i will correct it but i would not class shouting at me criticism i can be shouted at if is generally neccesary.

Hows your ingame economic situation? Are you able to provide flasks on a daily base. Able to repair on a daily base, provide gems, topped professions etc?
I can always afford Flasks and repairs always have spare uncut gems in my bag either for a guildy or my self and i always have most mats for high end enchants

Thanks for Reading my app!

i am that hunter that Segnu is on about by the way, hope you enjoyed reading my app :)!

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Re: Therul 80 Orc Hunter Survival

Post by Raf » Fri Mar 26, 2010 11:39 am

Thanks for your application.

Your gear is currently quite under par when it comes to ICC25 heroic fights which is where we are atm.

Your hit rating of 15.19% also shows lack of class understanding and/or gear selection.

Application declined.

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