Shadowed - Holy/Disc

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Shadowed - Holy/Disc

Post by Shadowed » Tue Mar 23, 2010 1:57 pm

Personal info:

-Name: Gareth
-Location: UK

Character info:

- Class: Priest
- Spec: Holy/Disc
- Gear (best link to a profile): ... n=Shadowed


Stigmatic – DK...due to my short time back, I’ve only had time to fully badge this toon as a tonk with badge gear and a few random drops.

Toty – current alt, lvl 79...hopefully i’m going to ding him today...I intend to spam heroics as resto, to get a feel of healing on another class...and I will save my badges for dps gear.

- Guild you're in now / guild you were in before (reasons you left):

Delirium: My first raiding guild was back in TBC, I raided as a shadow priest with Delirium up until the release of Wotlk. I took a break from Shadowed to make a DK, and came the following Feb. I went holy for fast gear, and continued to raid as a healer through this expansion.

The Esoteric Foundation: I moved to TEF a few weeks after the release of Ulduar, when they were raiding successfully. I began what was to be my favourite few months of the game so far, progress raiding hard modes with skilled players that pushed me to strive to perform at my best. The guild later disbanded, and with no priest raiding spots in any ‘serious raiding’ guilds at the time I had to find another casual raiding guild and move on.

The Grip of Saul: I joined TGoS as a raider, though I only completed a few raids with them, it was still summer, and they were having problems with numbers for raid spots. I gradually phased out of WoW unintentionally, but from lack of progress raiding at the same level, I lost my passion for raiding. I came back to WoW in late Jan. this year, and was still a social member of TGoS, I have been gearing up since, and left the guild to join fellow ex-guildmates.

Risen: I am currently a member of Risen, a fairly new guild on the server. It is made up of ex-guildies from other disbanded raiding guilds, some ex-delirium members and new recruits. The guild is currently raiding 10man ICC and making progress as a social raiding guild.

- Why you want to apply to us:

I know Ubiquity to be both a successful and stable raiding guild. I want to return to progressive raiding, competing at a serious level, in an environment that’s both enjoyable, and pushes me to perform at my best.

- What do you think you can bring to us:

I tend not to talk much in the guild or on vent, and I don’t mean by that I’m a social hermit – I’m just content with playing and reading the chat that goes on. I have a focused, but relaxed attitude towards the game. When I am needed I am present, with plenty of time to spare, and always fully prepared for whatever occasion calls.

I have experience in raiding 25mans in all three specs of my talent tree, having focused on each tree respectively for a good amount of content. I have raided at hard-mode levels previously and understand what is required of me, when raiding at that level.

As for priest-ing, I would say that I know enough to rotate, gem, gear up etc, and as for skills, I have acquired my own over the last few years on Shadowed. What I do bring though is an open mind. I believe that there is always room for improvement, and ways to go about this. I’d like to become a better priest than I currently am, and I bring that desire.



For holy speccing I use what I believe to be the traditional gems and enchants: Head and shoulders - sp+mp5 and for gems Haste and Spirit.
However, due to the rotation that I use below in 25man raids, I tend to substitute some haste for sp, as the higher Hps i get from my playstyle is more beneficial due to using fewer casting heals.

In 25mans i use the following rotation:

Tank -> PoM, Renew -> Raid -> Renew spam (when needed – i don’t overspam :P) -> PoM on Tank -> CoH (when needed, normally focused on tank) -> repeat.

I use a renew playstyle in 25mans. I find that with the use of the Renew glyph and speccing for Imp&Emp renew that I am able to compete with other classes in ‘reverse snipering’ and the use of HoT’s.

When needed I will break my rotation and use FH, however, i tend to find that Aoe heals can get to that player first, resulting in my part on overhealing. I have seen priests use FH as their main heal, and I find that they tend to be at the lower end of overall healing. I find that in using this rotation I finish raids at around 10% overheal, which I don’t think is too bad, when you bare in mind a constant tick is on most of the raid (potentially overhealing them).

As for PoH, there are some priests that glyph for this..I myself only use the glyph for an intensive Aoe healing fight. I carry spare glyphs with me – so i can always re-glyph whenever needed.

For 10mans i would use the following spec: ... zAo:0dmV0c

The difference in this spec is that I have dropped the 3 points in Emp renew...moving them into 2/2 Body and Soul, and adding an extra point to Sernedipity making it 3/3 – alternatively i could leave serendipity at 2/3 and pop 1 point into Inner Focus, incase i need to use DivH.

The reason that I would make these changes is that my renew rotation tends to overheal a lot in 10mans as it’s easier on healing at time. I feel the extra quick abolish from B&S + the minor speed boost with the extra cast time proc on PoH is more useful.
Again here I swap the Renew glyph for the PoH for more focused raid healing. I would also be tempted to swap my FH glyph for GS, if all healing was going well :P


When it comes to Disc priest’ing, I will say now that I understand the basic mechanics, traditional gemming and rotations, being mostly:

The stacking of SP/Int for higher throughput, larger mana pool and regen.

The rotation i use as a tank healer normally goes:

Tank -> Bubble -> PoM -> Renew -> FH and Penance (when needed) -> Repeat -> Pain suppression!

I find this rotation and this playstyle to be very tedious atm in raids. Due to Aoe heals, Beacon of Light etc...I find that as a sole tank healer I am often waiting for ‘my turn’ to heal the tank. I have all my cd’s available, and I tend to use my Power Infusion on the Dps, as there’s no real need for it...using the above rotation.

Now, I found back in Ulduar that in speccing for this rotation and solely being a tank healer leaves my mana pool at around 70% full at the end of a boss...therefore, back then, I began to adapt both my playstyle and my rotation. I decided to make Disc healing more challenging for myself and to also see what I could achieve in hard mode raiding.

I will also admit now, that whilst gearing up I have made applications to other guilds...most guilds are generally full on priests, however due to what I am about to post below on my beliefs in Disc, I have found hostile attitudes to my views from other priests. I have been told and informed that the only spec/rotation for Disc is the above, that I have just elaborated on as solely a tank healer and raid healers heal the raid, not the disc priest. I have also been accused of ‘Bulls**t’, and trying to fill out my app with an intent to look like I think I know more than I do. This is not the case, I just like to elaborate on what I think and how I play/adapt.

So with that in mind...I will now elaborate how I play disc...please note...I do use the above rotation when I am on the move, and I need to pop out fast heals.

Rotation 2 (Hybrid Tank Healer): Spec – Haste/Int/SP:

Tank -> Bubble -> PoM -> Renew -> Raid -> Mass Bubble (with PWS glyph instant heal proc) -> Penance and FH (when needed) ->Tank -> GHeal ->Repeat

This rotation above is ideal for stationary fights, where I don’t need to move, e.g. Saurfang. The use of GHeal can be spammed. Due to the large disc mana pool, and the lower throughput, I feel that overhealing is not so much an issue as it’s counterpart in Holy spec. I have seen that gemming correctly a GHeal fully self buffed can drop to a very low time. Also with the popping of Shields on the raid...there is more Borrowed Time proc, freeing up the GHeal.

This rotation does require more I have to jump between the tank and the raid, however the values of this are that the raid has a higher mitigation, taking less damage... and also again it gives the raid more raid healing.

At the end of a boss fight...this rotation leaves the priest with little to no mana, and I often have to use Regen abilities towards the end of the fight. Arguably this is because I have dropped some Int, but for other uses.

Rotation 3 (Disc Raid Healer): Spec – Haste/Int/SP:

Raid -> Bubble -> PoM -> Renew -> FH + Penance -> PoH

This rotation is ideal for heavy mitigation can be used whilst on the move, or whilst stationary...the higher stacking of haste with BT allows a faster use of PoH, and whilst instant cast spells do not use up BT...I do see a faster cast on penance...and haste is effective for this raid healing tool.
Here I believe that I can switch my flash heal glyph for PoH. I used to raid heal in disc in some hard modes back in Ulduar, and for example on Freya...I found that I was using PoH and shields a lot.

Arguably Renew in disc doesn’t do much...apart from ‘up HpS’ on Recount...however minimal it may be still is extra raid heals and I don’t believe it should be ignored.

Haste in this rotation can be stacked higher than the int, as disc has both crit procs...and comes with it’s own boost in haste.
Again...mana is left with abilities on CD and is used up.

So...those are the adaptations I have made to my playstyle/rotation...I recognise that the Haste is mostly effective towards the higher end of Tier Gear...where sp + int is at a higher reward from gear. I still recognise that stacking SP for a higher throughput is important...and believe that for the haste it can replace int gems as: +sp/+haste gems.

I also realise that not every priest will agree with me, some are more at home using the rotations they are comfortable with, however...due to the lack of priest scaling in Wotlk, and with ‘accidental heals’ from Beacon of Light, and Aoe on the tank...I don’t see tank healing in disc as what it was. I know that other players in the game have noticed this, and there are topics on WoW forums and other sites etc.

On another note...I have had to research into these playstyles above recently...after being told that I was wrong and a disc priest can not do this. I had to go and find recent links on sites such as EJ, tankspot and Plus Heal...that backed up what I was trying to convey. I was then accused of having found these sites, read them and then blindly followed them... I have in no way read and then blindly followed these rotations!

-Screenshot in raiding environment:

I reset my laptop a few weeks back, and lost all screenshots I had taken previously. As i’ve been healing as disc more recently, this is the closest link I have from a recount perspective in Holy. It’s onyxia 25, so apologies...I know it’s a faceroll etc...but no one died, so for what it is, the healing was accurate :P ... 185354.jpg

This is a link to my current UI set up...I always look for improvements I can make, and if you looked at the above link, you’ll see a difference in the set up I currently use:

- Only apply if you can raid at days / hours we're raiding:

I may be heading to France this w/e for a long weekend. My parents both live and work I may be unavailable for most of this weeks reset.

I believe I can make your raiding times, I have no prior commitments. If ever I should become un-available, I will always make sure I have signed off on a raid, and let an appropriate officer know.

- Add ons:

I tend to use all the traditional add ons in game, for both playing and raiding. When it comes to healing some of my favourites are:

Grid: (at times I pop x-perl frames up also when I know i’m in an intensive fight...helps me focus with two raidframes) – I also have all the minor mod updates for this.
I can’t heal you: Very simple add on that /w’s players who are either out of range or who move out of range while you are casting heals...
Priest Intelligent notifier: Pop’s /w’s and raid messages when priest specific tools are used on players or self.
Dr.Damage: An add on that ‘theory crafts’ all outgoing heals/dps dependant on your equipped gear and pops the info onto your ui buttons. Handy, for dps’ing when proc’s pop as it updates the potential damage and for healing also 
Zelda loot: Plays Zelda music every time i haz loot :P

- Sources you use for class info:

When I need info the sites i use are: champ and tankspot.
I also read the wow forums from time to time, as I like to see what other players are saying about my class or the game in general.

- Additional info:

Firstly, I would like to apologise for my rather large app. I take my time writing app’s and make sure that I both think through and check what I write.

Secondly, I’d like to re-iterate that on the specs I posted above...those are what I have found work for me. I am open to suggestions on how to improve etc...and I am not saying that they should be ‘cookie cutter’ for everyone, it’s how I’ve adapted and how I play. I recognise that in the guild there is far more raiding experience, even from players that don’t have priest mains, so I am not trying to ‘bluff’, just trying to explain my thinking and experience on how I play

Finally, I’d like to say thanks for reading this app. I recognise healing spots are limited within the guild and my gear is still not the best. I currently have all the mats for and gold for a choppa – I think if i craft the legs....knowing my luck they would drop in voa the subsequent reset...but if requested would craft the healing legs instead.
Thanks again for reading.


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Re: Shadowed - Holy/Disc

Post by Vintoran » Wed Mar 24, 2010 1:18 am

Thank you for your interest in Ubiquity.
We'll need a few days to sort out the recent wave of applications and will give you an answer soon.
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Re: Shadowed - Holy/Disc

Post by Vintoran » Sat Mar 27, 2010 1:49 am

We have decided to decline your application.
Good luck finding another guild.
Mancher wird nie süss, er fault im Sommer schon. Feigheit ist es, die ihn an seinem Aste festhält.

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