Rinnegan - Resto Shaman(duel app with Dreber)

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Rinnegan - Resto Shaman(duel app with Dreber)

Post by Rinnegan » Mon Mar 22, 2010 3:31 pm

Character Name: Rinnegan
Character Level:80
Current Server:Defias Brotherhood
Race:Draenei (female)
Main Spec and Offspec: Resto Raid spec / Resto PvP

Link to Armory: http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sheet ... n=Rinnegan
List of any serious alts: Fizzel( warrior), my Jewelcrafter which I have quite some recipes, Reveira(Gnome Warlock)
and Grizzel(resto druid and fairly decent geared)

Gear/glyphs/enchants/gems comments: Ofcourse I gem haste for the most part since it is the stat I gain the most
from, however I do try to balance it abit so I dont run oom really fast(that is including using pots/trinkets and
flask of pure mojo) I feel that I found a really good balance at the moment but I might try abit more haste just to
tinker around with it abit. I adapt my style of healing to the boss and raid setup. In ICC chainheal works really
well for me at numerous fights which is quite nice but depending on the raid setup and boss I switch easily to the
lesser healing wave/riptide combo(and earthshield for tankhealing). I allways try to find the most efficient and
best way to heal the raid or a person. I also allways keep a good eye on the raid for things that I notice and try
to help in this way to kill a boss as quickly as possible.

Are you Exhalted with Sons of Hodir: Yes

Guild History: I was in several guilds on this server. First it as the reformed guild Tombstone, then Genesis,
Revelations and then The New Expedition. My reason for leaving my current guild(Animosity) is the style of raiding.
I dont want to put people in bad spotlight so I want to keep it at that.

Current Guild: Animosity. One of the better guilds on alliance side. Met alot of awesome people.

However I do feel Ubiquity can make my raiding experience abit better.

Previous guilds:
Several reasons. Tombstone broke up. I left Genesis for a better raiding experience in Revelations.At a point
couldnt find time to combine my job and raiding Revelations so I had to leave them. The New Expedition I left for
raiding reasons. For Animosity I just explained it.

Raid Experience:I have been playing this character since the start of TBC. It has always been resto spec en have
raided every content till the last boss since. Before that(Vanilla) my main was a Dwarf Priest called Nesur. It was
on bloodfeather were I raided every content that came out. Cleared the old instances except for Naxx and C'thun.

All in all I have been playing WoW since the start (feb '05). My list of alts is huge with most of them being level
80. I enjoyed playing my troll mage recently, lvl together with Dreber, I also put quite some time in my resto
druid just to have a good idea of that class aswell(I also played a holy priest and holy paladin in TBC on their
max lvl at that time). You could say that I really love healing and want to know everything about the other healing
classes aswell.

Wotlk End-Game experience: ICC 25(11/12) ICC 10(12/12 including the first 4 bosses on hardmode). Before that I
cleared Naxx ofcourse, cleared Ulduar and ToGC 25(4/5)

Pre-Wotlk End-Game experience:I explained this above

A screenshot link showing recount log of healing/damage done from a raid, either 10 or 25man but please tell us
where from and give a bit of information about it, IE were you on adds, were you raid healing, etc (Optional but
recommended): sorry I dont keep those around.

A screenshot link showing your raid UI: I dont have it, but I will describe it. I use bartender for my buttons in
combination with grid for healing. I use the cooldown bar of ForteXorcist to keep track of my cd's(mostly for
riptides to optimze healing). It looks really clean.

Your Role: A healer ofcourse. Prefering raid healing but tank healing is no problem aswell
Why did you decide to play the class you are:I was inspired by a guy playing his shaman and the skills at his
disposal. I started playing it as an alt but quickly decided it was going to be my main character
Why have you decided to play the spec you are: Healing is the thing I did back in Vanilla so going resto seemed
like the logical choice on my shaman. I would like to think that I perfected my ui and do a pretty good job at
healing ;)

How I know Ubiquity: I was allways interested in how certain guilds performed and you guys seem to be allways up
with the best raiding guilds. I also heard some good stories about your guild.

What I can offer Ubiquity: One of the most experienced healers on the server. Allways a good performance in raid. I take pride in putting in the best game I can.

How would you prepare for a regular raid you’ve done before: Flasks ready , repairing and making a good pot of
How would you prepare for a new raid you’ve not done before:Check tankspot for movies, read up on tactics and the

Important Questions

How stable is your connection: solid as a rock

What’s your PC specs:I7 processor with Radeon HD4890 card 8 gigs of memory ,about 2 terybyte harddrive

Do you have Ventrillo V3 installed:yeah

Do you have a Microphone (This isn’t needed but very handy): ofcourse

Your availability: I expect to be there 100% of the time. I would also like to do the 10 mens since I really enjoy

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Re: Rinnegan - Resto Shaman(duel app with Dreber)

Post by Razzie » Mon Mar 22, 2010 4:13 pm

Nice guy and nice player, has my vouch :)

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Re: Rinnegan - Resto Shaman(duel app with Dreber)

Post by Varanor » Mon Mar 22, 2010 4:15 pm

Really good application with most points covered so well that most likely we can't come up with any questions.

Good luck.

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Re: Rinnegan - Resto Shaman(duel app with Dreber)

Post by Rinnegan » Tue Mar 23, 2010 11:06 am

Btw I can be found on my mage Tajinn if you have any questions. I'll be online quite abit.

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Re: Rinnegan - Resto Shaman(duel app with Dreber)

Post by Raf » Tue Mar 23, 2010 2:52 pm

Accepted for trial.

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Re: Rinnegan - Resto Shaman(duel app with Dreber)

Post by Aruzi » Wed Mar 24, 2010 11:34 am

Owh Hai Rinnegan :D *pokes belly*

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