lustah deathknight application

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lustah deathknight application

Post by lustah » Sun Dec 28, 2008 7:47 pm

- Death Knight
- Unholy/Blood.... will respec if the guild needs me to
- Gear ( ... d&n=Lustah) - ive got a better weapon now i dont think its been updated since i got it.
- i was in a pvp guild but preferre pve anyway so i decided to look for a pve guild and got told to apply here =]
- because i like pve the end game material XD i want to make freidsn wtih the guild help you out and bring my best to the guild in every way i can
- i think i can help the guild raid help out other members doing al sorts of things, im a friendly guy and love to chat and i can help out the guild XD
- i can raid everyday from around 17:00 gametime till the raid finishes i will never leave without good reason.
- my dps is around 1300 but i can get it to about 1600 in raids with all my effort and buffs =] hope thats ok for now

abit about myself well... im a friendly guy nice person to raid with love to chat and help as much as i can i love to play wow im 16 will be playing for many more years =] prehaps until i die XD i love it soo much =] i like to have a laugh alot XD .

p.s. i really wanna join the guild even if my gear isnt good enough but ill be sure to get it better as fast as i can.. its just the luck of me roll but i try my hardest.

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