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Post by Zeurix » Fri May 09, 2008 2:58 pm

1. Name: Zeurix ( blood elf tankadin )
2. Real names: Miro
3. Age: 22
4. Location: Cyprus ( larnaka )

Game experience:

Karazhan: Status "bored" i solo tank karazhan for one month now.

ZA: 4/6 Bosses down much times ( status : farm )

SSC: Dont have found guild that do 25 man raids :(

Raid activity: Can raid 2 of 3 raids for sure. and depending of my school ( studying law 2nd year now ) will can raid more that 3 25man raids.
For the 10man raids like Karazhan/ZA i can raid almost every night

Why we deicided to apply?

Our guild is totaly sleeping . many people leave and we cant even set one group for 10man raid. I realy like to raid and want to explore new places.

Previous guilds: Bloodfang clan

How can we convince You to accept our application ?

a) great tactics preparations and class skill
b) Good tanker and trast cleaner ( cant miss )

Armory links/ gear: http://armory.wow-europe.com/character- ... d&n=Zeurix



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