Application : Shamanda 70 lvl resto shaman

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Application : Shamanda 70 lvl resto shaman

Post by Shamanda » Sun Jan 06, 2008 11:40 pm

Happy new year 2008 !

Name - Shamanda (Old name WhiteAngel )
Race - Troll female
Class - Shaman
Level - 70
Spec - 0/0/61
Profile - ... n=Shamanda

- Attuned to what Raid Instances/Heroics?

Everything except BT/MH

- Former experience in end game raiding?

TBC - Karazhan/Gruul/SSC
Pre TBC - Full MC, Full BWL, ZG, AQ20, AQ40

- Motivation to join Ubiquity

I'm looking for progress i wan to meet hyjal face 2 face . My good friends is ure guild Cojju and fuji i like when we heal in team.

- What do I bring?

I am an experienced healer, I am active ( 4-10h per day ). I'm exalted with php mysql and can offer my help for one powerfull guild portal.

- Former Guild, and reason for leaving it?

<Immortal Legion>
Immortal legion was nice pve guild befor 5month when i join them. Sadly people start leaving cs of the guild master and the inactive members . at one day we try ssc and at the next we was doing only Karazhan :o( . Befor 1-2 weeks my friends Cojju and Fuji left the guild and that make me @#$%

- Play time/activity?

43 days on Shamanda/every day for daileys, doing heroics and raiding.


All your raid days are fine for me. Im used to raid Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. ( from 25/1/2008 i wont be active more that 5 hours per day cs i'm studying LAW and have exams "tests" starting at 5/2/2008-20/2/2008 after that i will be back 2 the normal playing )

- Do you, or are you willing to farm consumables?

I farm money by doing my daylies, and by farming Primals on my Shadowprest for then to prospect it on Shamanda. As an officer in Immortal Legions it made me angry seeing people not using consumables on progress raids, as i used them myself. Currently focusing on getting my cooking / Herb maxed out so i dont have to buy overpriced food buffs on the AH.

- Additional Indo

- What is your age? - 21
- Where are you from? - Greece ( half Bulgarian )
- Do you have Ventrillo? Yes
- Microphone? Yes

- Raid with the following relavent addons:


P.S : Sorry for my english its not my main language :)


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